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Knowing Love like Drug Addicts

Some mazes are found within.
Some get lost, and never find their way out.
Some have mazes with no way out.
Anxiously they run from one side of the maze to the other
Combing through the barbed wire hedge
The cracks in this primitive stone walls
Crashing like glass bottles
For a window
Into a genuine

Most abysses are far from this earthen surface
The longest, hardest trails can’t be walked
The hardest struggles are not of the body
But of the soul

The worst hurt won’t be
At the end of rusty box cutters
When you refuse to hand over
Your survival
To the parasites
In the darkest streets.

Getting lost
In the mind
Where there’s no road flares
No street signs
Just a black hole
To descend further
And further into


Slip On Shoes

No cure
for the restless
with sputtering minds:
an ’86 Chevrolet
with a hole in the gas tank
and a corpse in the trunk.

Eyes shut
brace the doors
of my water damaged
insects within my split tongue
released to the public
kernels stuck between
my teeth
the protein
of Heaven’s head lice.

Trade shoes
some laces aren’t worth being tied
I won’t be surprised
to find you’ve hijacked a plane
murdered your spouse
and ejaculated on the President’s face.