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New York Revelry


The sun reflects from their tinted window
burning the passing children
playing in New York street
purchased from the vendor
for a foot job behind Denny’s

we hum in the jazz bands
just downtown
gospel for the people
every Sunday morning

we’ve been advised,
strap down the audience
tickle their ear lobes
with the sharp part of mother’s favorite spork.

I had almost forgotten
the septic taste of ignorance
the self assurance of bigotry
we’re all a twinge sick
the apelike growth
in the furrowed brow
plucking away excess.

How many of us have
been caught straying
to where we don’t belong?


A Death in a Denny’s


Coffee’s cold

I counted

A fly make its way around 37 times

Before it decided to die in my mug

The waitress messed the order

Wide birthing hips and an attitude towards life


But cowardly

With dark circles under her eyes

And silent

It’s late at night

The man on his stool

Keeps staring

In the alley out back

He’ll kill me

And the coffee’s still cold.